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This is basically a lesson, teaching everyone how to war. We'll get the basics down and when that's done, we'll have some fun practicing with eachother. Wink

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 members app-kratos

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kratos ownsu

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PostSubject: members app-kratos   Wed Oct 07, 2009 4:31 am

To apply to be a Member of RaRe make a new topic naming it "Membership App" answering the questions in the following form:

--------------------------------------------- Membership Application Form --------------------------------------------------------
RSN: kratos ownsu

Combat Level: 94-p2p 92-f2p

Mage Level: 70

Range Level: 80

Strength Level: 75

Defence Level: 70

Attack Level: 75

Summoning Level: 20

How did you find out about us?

If this was from a member of the Clan, please give their name. none

Have you been in a clan before? no

If so which one? none

Reason for leaving your old clan? none

Are you listed as a member of another clan? no

Are you a member(P2P)? yes

What time zone do you live in? eastern pacific

How often are you online? all the time

Will you follow instructions and guidance: yes if needed

Will you please read our thread daily to find out what is going on? if i need to yes

Preferred combat style (mage, range, melee): range

Will You Attend Events Regularly: if i have to, to stay in the clan.. then yes

Do you use IRC i.e. SwiftSwitch, mIRC etc...: no i dont
(If so remember to use our channel #RaReclan =P)
(If not stay active on the forum to keep up to date)

Anything else you'd like to add: not really but thanks for asking =]
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PostSubject: Re: members app-kratos   Wed Oct 07, 2009 7:11 am

Application accepted!

Welcome to RaRe!
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members app-kratos
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